About Us

Our mission is to provide for the protection, dignity, and value of incapacitated persons by furthering the professional standards of guardians as accountable court representatives.

About Broward County Guardianship Association

BCGA was established in 1990 for those individuals seeking to improve the quality of lives of the elderly and incapacitated individuals of Broward County. BCGA has maintained a strong membership base consisting of guardians and non-guardians alike.  Our membership includes attorneys, care managers, financial advisers and many other dedicated professionals.


The number of vulnerable people in Broward County who need a guardianship is increasing. As a valued member of BCGA, you are taking an active role in advancing standards of excellence in guardianships and can inform the public about good guardianship practice. Membership is available to anyone interested in improving guardianship practice.

What Is A Guardianship?

Guardianships are set up to protect and help people in need, such as an elder or loved one unable to care for their own financial or health related well-being.