Our Programs

Make My Ward's Day

The Broward County Guardianship Association wants to grant wishes for indigent wards. A wish come true can improve the quality of a ward's life in ways we cannot begin to imagine. BCGA has set aside funds to make as many wishes as possible come true for the indigent wards of Broward County.

Maybe your ward wants to go to a Heat, Dolphin, or Panther game. Maybe they want to dine at one of the finest restaurants in the tri-county area. Perhaps it's dinner and a movie or a fancy new outfit. Whatever their wish is, we want to help!

Take a few minutes, tell us about your ward, what would "Make their Day" and why their wish should be granted. We will do the rest. Our goal is to " Make" as many "Days" as possible, but we need your help. Complete the form below and return it to our board: 7860 W. Commercial Blvd.,    Lauderhill, FL 33351, or BCGA2400@gmail.com.

Gift Card Program

Originally begun to provide holiday bags to our indigent wards, this program was expanded to offer guardians gift cards to provide for their wards’ individual wants and needs throughout the year. Any guardian with an indigent ward can complete a one page form and be given a gift card to be used for their ward, in denominations of $25.00.  Our goal is to continue to offer this program as part of the BCGA's Annual budget.

Pro Bono Wheel Program

As part of the mission of the Broward County Guardianship Association, we want to support those professional guardians who have volunteered to accept pro bono cases in Broward County. We understand how critical it is for indigent wards of Broward County to have professional guardians. We have therefore allocated funds to create a special grant to help support those guardians who have volunteered for a pro bono case.
Applications will be reviewed quarterly with submissions due January 15th, April 15th, July 15th, and October 15th of each year. For example, if you serve as a pro bono guardian from January through March, you would submit your application on April 15th. To be considered for the grant you must resubmit your request each quarter and certify that there were no assets allocated to pay for your guardian fees. This program will be reevaluated on an annual basis, based upon availability of funds.
If you believe you currently meet the criteria or if you are selected for a future case, please complete the application below and send to BCGA2400@gmail.com.