BCGA has provided outstanding services to the guardianship community of Broward County for more than two decades and is recognized throughout the state for its efforts.

Every year, BCGA supports pro bono professional guardians serving wards in Broward County. Provides vital education to professionals working in the guardianship field. Coordinates with local and state courts and legislators to help ensure that guardianship laws will serve and protect wards and guardians. In other words, BCGA serves Broward County in any way possible to protect incapacitated persons and assist the professional guardians who serve them.

At BCGA, we are always looking for ways to involve the community in this valuable mission. Since we are all part of the Broward County community, we invite you to realize the satisfaction of helping your less fortunate members in any way you can. There are many reason you might help and be part of BCGA!

  • Your company or organization is or wants to be involved in guardianship;
  • You want to support BCGA because you are a member of the profession
  • You just believe in the cause or simply know someone you are close to that has been helped by a guardian.

Let BCGA know that you’re committed to excellence in guardianship by donating to help cover costs of ongoing support and protection of incapacitated persons or to help make available BCGA’s comprehensive and ethically centered educational programming.