Join or Renew Your Membership for Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA) AND Broward County Chapter (BCGA)

To facilitate the membership process, the Florida State Guardianship Association (FSGA) has established a streamlined registration process through their website.

By registering with FSGA, membership eligibility for the Broward County Chapter (BCGA) is established, giving you the benefit of both organizations.

(When completing the registration form, please remember to check the box for the Broward County Chapter Membership.) Membership in BCGA gives you many benefits such as complimentary admission to the quarterly meetings and discounted rates for all other BCGA functions.

Your membership in BCGA is important!

Individual Membership

$150 Annually

  • Any professional including professional and public guardians who serve as court appointed guardians and are registered with the Office of Public and Professional Guardians. Attorneys, fiduciaries, estate planners, court, clerk, medical professionals, social workers, etc.

Organizational Membership

$250 Annually

  • Includes 2 representatives, $50 for each additional representative

Individual Family/Volunteer Guardians

$75 Annually

  • Family members or friends who serve as a non-professional guardian for an individual


The FSGA has members from a variety of professions such as: guardians, attorneys, care providers, fiduciaries, social workers, nurses, court and clerk staff, and many other disciplines. FSGA maintains a statewide presence through 16 chapters and members meeting regularly for education, training, networking, and development in their own communities.